Immunization Advocacy

FUGI’s Executive Director is deeply involved in Childhood Immunization Advocacy from National to the International level.

She is currently promoting domestic fund mobilization to support the National Expanded Program of Immunization. She is advocating for the establishment of a National Childhood Immunization Fund to support the purchase of vaccines when GAVI stops supporting Ghana. This is likely to be in 2020 or before when Ghana graduates from GAVI Support.

In July 2013, FUGI’s Executive Director, Dr. Joan Awunyo-Akaba was nominated to serve on the GAVI Alliance Board as the CSO Board Member, representing civil society constituency globally, for a two (2) year period. She had previously served as the GAVI Alliance CSO Alternate Board Member (July 2011-June 2013).

The FUGI Executive Director thus, travels extensively to attend various international meetings, forums, workshop, and seminars.

Additionally, she serves on the World Bank Health, Nutrition, and Population Directorates Civil Society Consultative Group (2011 to date), as one of an eighteen (18) member committee selected globally on competitive basis, based on expertise.